Dear HR Professionals

Please let me introduce the benefits for training your team with presentation skills

"It's not rocket science a few sessions of principles and practice is the 20% action that provides 80% results." I hear myself say as I pitch our training.

Structured with time to think, reflect, practice and ask questions between 2-3 sessions is an essential step to improving a skill and is the 20% of your time to build the 80% results.

Our principles work great for local and international teams and suits modern workflows.

Presentation training is the primary focus for MoI in our offering to you - we want you to enjoy your future presentations and sharing and empowering you with skills is an excellent way to do this.


If you are looking for the 80/20 principles to start getting over current presentation challenges I have focused on three key areas to boost a team with fresh new skills:

  1. Message structuring
  2. Design skills
  3. Performance & delivery
Training 02.png

These three areas are the 20% that influences the 80% and so starting with these builds long term skills which improve with our clear structure and support.

Structured in regular one-hour sessions or a 1/2 day depending on schedule means we can either cover top line principles across more steps and see how they connect and gets results. Alternatively, go deep in one area and deconstruct a step and look at developing a framework whichever format benefits your team most and gets you the target KPI and ROI.

Plus in follow-up workshops, we can design a project linked directly to a typical presentation challenge you face in your industry.


Your people are good, invest in them with training and coaching and make them better, so they are more challenged and rewarded professionals.

Choose from 3 different recommended areas of focus to get the best from time training your team so they can solve their presentation problems and be independent, and so you all enjoy your future presentations.

  1. Message structuring
  2. Design skills
  3. Performance & delivery

Thank you for your time and reading this far - please leave a comment with any questions.


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