How to sketch stick people

Stick people have been in our visual language since the very
early days of documenting social tribes on the walls of caves.


Stick people are the universal symbols for people and
are the simplest way for us to represent ourselves. 

Please see below for six steps to sketching stick people.


#1 - Use a light blue pencil and sketch
a loose hairline of the stick figure


#2 - Choose a medium sized fine liner pen and sketch a
quick smooth slightly squashed on the sides circle.



#3 - Leave a small gap for the neck and then sketch a
straight line down below the middle of the head the
same height as about two heads - this is the body


#4 - Then back up below the head - either side of the body
line sketch two lines with a very slight arc for the arms.
With the left line slightly bending to the left and the
right bending out to the right.


#5 - And the same for the legs but angle them
outwards more so the character is standing
firm, add a little flat line for the feet


Now you have a stick person ready to take on a user
journey, explain a concept or experience a process. 


Some common mis-sketches when sketching stick people:
1 Watermelon size and shape head
2 Body too long
3 Short legs and arms


A rule of thumb is that a person's height is about five to
seven times the height of their head
and if you break the
sketch into purposeful strokes and lines you can create
really emotive yet simple and efficient characters to help
you communicate your message.


Thank you for your time


And please PM me with any questions and I will answer them.