Wechat groups as a way to enage & teach

Wechat groups are an awesome way to enage & teach


1 - 手绘,每个人都能掌握的实用工具
2 - 实践,创造结果并提升效率。
3 - 微信群,一个了不起的地方,帮助培养你的能动力。

1 - Sketching is a tool anyone can learn
2 - Practice creates results and saves time
3 - Wechat is a fantastic place to gather momentum




#Sketch30InJune 这个微信群汇集了将近200个,在手绘方面有兴致的小伙伴儿 - 在6月份的30天里,每天我都会在群里发起一个“每日手绘挑战”,群里的小伙伴儿都会被邀请,根据挑战要求,分享他们个人的手绘作品。


#Sketch30InJune is a Wechat group with almost 200 people interested in sketching - every day for the 30 days of June I posted a daily sketching challenge where everyone is invited to share their interpretation as a sketch.





The group members range from architects who draw for a living to total beginners finding their sketching wings. The vibe in the group is excellent, and people are visibly learning and improving as well as sharing and supporting. We have had daily sketch contributions ranging from 2-3% up to 70% with people adding sketches they have done with APPs on their phones, in meeting rooms on whiteboards, post-it notes, and sketchbooks.




我设立这个群的目的,是想展示给你们 - 手绘和绘画不是一回事。
这种 “绘画”的压力,是非常令人不安的。因为一段时间以来,我们渐渐失去像小孩子那时候用蜡笔、钢笔,在纸张和墙壁自由涂画,玩转颜色的兴趣。
My goal with the group is to show you how sketching and drawing are not the same things. The pressure of being able to 'draw' can be very off-putting if since some time as a kid you lost interest in scribbling with crayons, pens, across paper and maybe walls drawing freely and playing with color.


I see it this way - drawing is a skill, sketching is a tool.


Anyone can use a hammer not everyone can craft an elegant wooden cabinet. We can all sketch we may not all be able to craft fine furniture 


With this point of view of wanting to use visualizing as a tool do not let sketching be a learned skill you feel you can't benefit from.





Sketching is the tool that after some deliberate practice, accompanied with knowing the visual alphabet and some focused doodling you can in short to medium term benefit from sketching by visualizing ideas and communicating more easily with others at work and home.


Please see below a selection of some of the sketches from this year's #Sketch30InJune challenge, and we will upload a full gallery over the summer.


Quick shout out to all the group members, thank you for all your contributions.

我百分之百确信,手绘是一项每个人都可以掌握的技能。它有切实的好处,让你的想法如行云流水一般 - 手绘是构建创意的工具,而微信群组是让你熟练使用手绘工具并乐于分享的好地方。

I 100% believe sketching is a skill we can all do and it has tangible benefits which get ideas moving - a sketch is a tool for building ideas, and Wechat groups is a great place to practice and share using tools.


To see more of my sketching ideas, please click these links:

Rock The Whiteboard
Pages from my artschool sketchbooks 1995-1999
Starting to sketch is tough

1 - 手绘,每个人都能掌握的实用工具
2 - 实践,创造结果并提升效率。
3 - 微信群,一个了不起的地方,帮助培养你的能动力。

1 - Sketching is a tool anyone can learn
2 - Practice creates results and saves time
3 - Wechat is a fantastic place to gather momentum


Thank you for reading this far, I know your time is valuable if your have any sketching or visualizing questions please leave a message below, and I will follow up.




Big thank you to Fisher for helping with the translation.  💪🙏👊

The Power Of Visual Note Taking

1 - Recording concepts and ideas with graphic symbols

2 - So ideas can be easily shared amongst a group

3 - To save time and reduce risk

These are three benefits to visual note taking, in the 21st Century this is very useful for meetings, workshops, training, presentations - anywhere smart busy experts share what they know for the benefit of the group.

In a sense, we started doing this 40,000 years ago on the walls of caves when tribes sheltered deep underground and visualized with pigment how to hunt and survive.

Each member of the community did what they do best for the benefit of the group. Those with the best aim and who could run the fastest hunted, some stayed at camp preparing food, some looked after the young, and some would visualize stories and hunting tactics on the walls of the caves so they could share and organize how to continue and thrive.

Cave painting.jpg

Our tools have changed, but we still function in groups called start-ups, companies and organisations working with talented others to generate value and progress.

I am a huge believer in visualizing concepts and ideas especially here in Beijing China where so many people work in a second language.

1 - Visualizing saves time

2 - Visualising reduces complexity

3 - Visualizing reduces risk

We have been doing it for 40,000 years, and it works. Anyone can learn to sketch, and there are tons of benefits to putting pen to paper, click this link for a simple guide to sketching better-proportioned stick people.

Recently I was at an interesting EO San Li Tun event where four inspiring experts shared their ideas on B-Corp, a certification for companies to reach which means they are more sustainable and environmentally aware while still being a competitive business.

If you were not able to make it, then let me share with you below my visual sketch notes which capture some of the most important points so you can start to see how business can be a force for good.

Thanks to Xu Jing, Min Ko, Jade Gray, Skott Taylor, AJ Warner, and the EO San Li Tun team for hosting the event.


For a live stream video of the B-Corp talk click this link.


Thank you for reading this far, I appreciate your time.

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