Start With Why

Life changing

The Obstacle Is The Way

Insights on how to overcome challenges and see them as solutions

Ego Is The Enemy

Humility and self-awareness

The Dip

Getting to the end of projects and making it happen

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Make money work for you not you working for money

The Checklist Manifesto

The backbone of any project and an absolute must read for anyone frustrated with slip ups slowing them down


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The Art of Possibility

Great exercises and stories for how to see the world

The Personal MBA

Fantastic resource and handbook for business terms and insights

Pitch Anything

Pitching Jedi Master


How to work more fluid, free and effective


New ideas on what work can be

The Lean Startup

Iterate and be agile

Making Ideas Happen

Tones of practical insights from a wide range of inspiring creatives

Made To Stick

How and why things engage us


How we respond and make choices


China Tech Talk

Great insights and interviews with China tech experts

The Time Ferriss Show

Insightful and inspiring stories from high achievers

seanwes podcast

Essential listening for creatives to work more professional


And I'm still learning and discovering - if you have any book or podcast recommendations please email me and I'd love to add them to the list.